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Flavour Notes

Apricot Jam • Pink Grapefruit • Raspberry

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  • Kayanza


  • Munyinya


  • Heirloom Bourbon with natural Jackson hybrid

Process Method

  • Fully Washed


This year we have sourced two green bean Lots from the Munyinya farm, that have different processing methods – a fully washed and a natural. The washed process involves the coffee being de-pulped from the cherry prior to drying on raised African beds. This results in a clean cup with more acidity and for Munyinya, really showcases the grapefruit and intensely sweet apricot flavours.

Munyinya , pronounced /Moon-Neen-Yah/ lies just beyond the border of Bukeye province, approximately 4km from the Long Miles Bukeye washing station. The dirt road winding towards Muninya is cut into the side of mountains. Coffee trees line the steady incline that leads to the tiny town center. Beyond this, crops and houses are haphazardly splattered across steep Burundian hills. ‘Muninya’ is the name of an alien tree that once covered these hills which has now made way for farms and coffee.

Muninya is home to several farmers who own thousands of coffee trees— well above the Burundi average.

The hills here enjoy gentle misty mornings warming up to sunny equatorial afternoons. During the day, temperature ranges from 68°F to 77°F. The temperature drops slightly as the East African sun sets and sits between 55°F and 68°F after dark.

Munyina has been sourced from the Long Miles Coffee Project (aka Ben & Kristy Carlson) who are permanently based in Burundi.  The Carlson’s, who facilitate direct and meaningful relationships between coffee roasters and coffee growers, are passionate about producing amazing coffees and caring for farmers who grow it.  Our kind of people.

You can read more about the Long Miles Coffee Project in our latest Journal, Motivation which features some stunning Burundi photographs taken by Kristy Carlson. Click over to it here .