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Flavour Notes

Guava • Lemon • Jasmine

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  • West Ethiopia


  • Matahara


  • Ethiopia Heirloom

Process Method

  • Fully washed


This coffee comes from an Ethiopian based company called Moplaco.  Moplaco coffees are sourced from microlots that have been identified by their distinct cup profile and physical attributes. Yanni Goergalis, who established Moplaco in 1972 is known and loved by buyers of Ethiopian coffees around the world.

Yanni Georgalis established Moplaco in 1972 and was a third generation coffee exporter. Yanni was highly respected not only within Ethiopia but was well known and beloved by buyers of Ethiopian coffee around the world. He maintained a reputation for not only selling the highest quality coffee, but also for his integrity in all aspects of the business.

Matahara is a coffee from the West of Ethiopia. It has a flavour profile that is spicy, very sweet and full bodied with middle ground acidity level. Matahara means “new brain” in the language of Oromifa. For Yanni, this was a good name to reflect the idea he had for it at the time. We love it – nice brain work Yanni.