Pouring Ozone Coffee from a Chemex

Equal parts a piece of art and brewing equipment, the Chemex is a unique brewer in that as the size of the chemex increases the angle of the brewer vessel changes. This allows for the same grind size to be used across multiple brewers and multiple batch sizes.

A great brewer for those who prefer their coffee a little weaker. The thicker paper keeps back a lot of the finer grinds which tend to bring a bitter flavour into the drink.

Great for coffee that has a fruit flavour profile. The fruity flavours of coffee are the easiest to dissolve and, with the little pressure the water is under, these become the main flavours showcased.


Serves 2 cups
30g of medium to coarsely ground coffee 500ml of water straight off the boil Approximate brew time for all water
to pass through is 5 minutes

Serves 4 cups
60g of medium to coarsely ground coffee 1 litre of water straight off the boil Approximate brew time for all water
to pass through is 7 minutes


    1. Insert paper filter into the Chemex with the thickest fold over the spout.
    2. Thoroughly wet the filter with hot water and carefully discard the water from the bottom of the Chemex.
    3. Add the coffee into the bottom of the filter.
    4. Gently pour 50 – 100ml of boiling water onto the coffee, aiming to wet all of the grounds. Leave to ‘bloom’ for 30 – 40 seconds.
    5. Continue to pour a gentle stream with the remainder of the water, depending on the batch size until of all the water has passed through the coffee
    6. Remove the filter before serving.

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