A V60 in action

The V60 is a staple in any budding home barista's set up and is one of the most recognisable pour-over filter brewers in the world. With a steep 60 degree angle, (from which the brewer gets its name) and a large hole in the base, the user achieves complete control over brew time. Pour faster and you will get a gentle brew, pour slower and you will get a rich brew.  

A great brewer for understanding the subtle characteristics of any coffee. The paper filter captures all the little grinds delivering a lower bitterness and much great flavour clarity.  

The V60 works well with coffees that have an interesting and complex flavour profile and will work in the favour of those not fond of the bitterness coffee can sometimes have.  


Serves 1 cup

15g of medium ground coffee 250ml of water straight off the boil Approximate brew time for all water to pass through is 3 minutes

Serves 2 cup

30g of medium ground coffee 500ml of water straight off the boil Approximate brew time for all water to pass through is 5 minutes 


  1. Place filter paper into the pour over and thoroughly wet the paper using hot water.
  2. Place the pour over onto an empty, pre-warmed mug or jug and add the coffee into the base of the filter.
  3. Gently pour 50 – 80 grams of boiling water onto the coffee, stir using a tea spoon aiming to dig up dig grinds. Leave to ‘bloom’ for 30 – 40 seconds.
  4. Continue to pour a gentle stream with the remainder of the water until all of the water has passed through the coffee.

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