We are committed to becoming a more responsible business. We accept this will be a journey with no final destination that requires continual betterment across our actions and our impact.

To this effort, we will continue to improve how we track our performance in relation to our people and our planet – only through understanding our current impact can we hope to achieve meaningful change for the future.


Responsible behaviours


We protect our wholesale and customer orders by re-purposing cardboard and paper waste. Both recycled and recyclable, we're conscious that out deliveries should have as little environmental impact as possible. 

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Snøhetta chairs

We found Snøhetta's S-1500 chair when researching seating options for our London Fields eatery. As we learned about the philosophy and process Snøhetta designs by, we knew they were the right choice. Made from old fishing nets and ropes, each chair has a unique marble effect.

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What started as a necessary practice to extend the life of food, has evolved into the cornerstone of sustainable cuisine. At Ozone, we actively ferment foods in order to reduce food waste, enhance flavours and promote good gut health.

Sustainability in our community

Sustainability isn’t the easiest goal to aim for, it’s the most important. As a practice we engage in daily, we’re committed to educating ourselves, challenging what’s gone before and implementing meaningful, lasting change.

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