Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods: Organic
Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods: Organic
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Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods: Organic

Mexico, Peru

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Our compostable pods will arrive on your doorstep in lovely, plastic-free packaging.

Enjoy great tasting coffee at home, without the hassle. All our coffee pods are packed with the finest specialty ground coffee beans, roasted in London by our team of experts.


Our Organic Blend features two brilliant, hand-selected coffees that are a homage to the producers that focus on sustainability, working tirelessly to meet organic certifications, whilst ensuring they produce great coffee year after year. Seasonal components will rotate to feature organic producers and highlight a full-bodied cup, with a rich chocolate flavour profile. This blend features the Capitan producer group from Jaltenango in Chiapas, Mexico, and coffee from 12 independent producers in the San Antonio de Chingama village of Peru.

Farmers are walking through the pathway leads to the farm in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. 


Can I use Ozone Coffee Pods in my machine?

Yes, Ozone Coffee Pods are compatible with any machine that accepts the Original style Nespresso® capsules. Please note, they are not compatible with the Vertuo-style machines.

What do I do with the used coffee capsules?

Our coffee pods are 100% plastic-free capsules and can be added to your food-waste for composting in commercial facilities. Check with your local council on their food-waste compost and collection guidelines.  If your local council does not accept in your food waste collection, they will break down naturally as compost in your usual waste collection.

Can I recycle the coffee pod packaging?

Yes - our pod packaging is FSC accredited paper that is certified recyclable. 

How long do the coffee pods last?

Our pods will taste great if stored in a cool dry place for 12 months from their packing date. 

How do I brew these coffee pods best?

Most Nespresso® machines come with two brew settings, one for a short/intense shot, and one for a longer brew.

Whilst our pods can make good coffee drinks with these two options, they can be made even better with a small adjustment to the water quantity, which you can program by following instructions within your machine’s manual. 

Most machines are programmable by holding the brew button down whilst brewing and releasing when your desired quantity is achieved. To be super geeky (and match how we refine our pod machines), you can do this with scales. We aim for a 28-30g pod weight for a great textured and intense espresso. A more traditional filter style coffee can be achieved by brewing to a 100g weight with your long brew button.

How do these differ from supermarket brands?

Unlike some supermarket brands, we use premium, single origin specialty coffee, roasted in London to Ozone Coffee’s high quality assessment standards.