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Good Produce Practice

Hospitality suppliers with a conscience.

Illustrations by: Simona Bunardzhieva


Working directly with a handful of small-scale British fishermen, SoleShare are building a community with those they know and trust, to supply sustainably sourced seafood to London. With the continued frustration and unavailability surrounding fresh, responsibly sourced fish, co-owners of SoleShare set out to support sustainable fishing as well as the men and women involved, by creating a unique subscription service delivering beautifully fresh seafood from the dock to your door – always in under 48 hours. Realising they’d better shift from “moaning about it, and do something about it”, all of the team fish responsibly – no trawling, no bycatch, no damage to the seabed. Trading directly with these fishermen ensures a fair and honest price for them and for the consumer – reflecting on the hard work and sustainable practices. The community forms around central pick up points throughout London, emphasising quick and easy accessibility from the boats to your kitchen table. Also offering filleting workshops and weekly recipes, the team will have you cooking up a seafood storm quicker than you can say fillet o fish.

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Ocean Creed

For Ocean Creed, the process from cocoa bean to the perfection that arrives at Ozone, affectionately dubbed, pirate chocolate, is a representation of everything they believe and aspire to as a company. Quality products sourced from ethical farms and transported in the purest way.

Every aspect of the product is traceable-including the voyage. Beginning at Conacado in the Dominican Republic, shipping is carried out through Fairtransport onboard the Tres Hombres – the flagship boat with no engine, prevailing on weather conditions. The cocoa is then roasted, refined and ‘conche’ in Felchlin, Switzerland, and tempered and moulded by Sella and Bernrain. The chocolate reaches us in compostable organic packaging from Natureflex – sourced from sustainably managed tree plantations. Well that’s certainly guilt free chocolate if ever we heard it!

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In 2012, the Carey family founded Green Meadows Beef with the dream to take grass-fed Angus beef from south of Opunake, coastal Taranaki, straight to the doors of New Zealand families. With a core focus on three key ideas: where our food comes from, who grows these products and are the animals cared for, the 420acre (170ha) farm is the perfect environment for pasture and natural growth. Lying beneath Mount Taranaki, and alongside the Taungatara stream, the farm is the perfect climate for the cows to graze, giving the meat outstanding flavour, colour and texture. We hear the cattle live a pretty happy life, with the sea breeze blowing through their hair, eating grass, silage and hay, all produced on the farm. The meat is handled on site with the Carey family, and transported overnight in chiller trucks, into homes throughout the country.

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