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Origin Journeys – Brazil

Early Harvest Cup of Excellence 2013

Images and words: Paul Newbold

These photographs were all taken during a 2013 sourcing trip to Brazil. Fellow Ozone roaster, James Gurr, joined me on an epic two week journey of cupping, sourcing and meeting green bean farmers.

We cupped our way through fifteen tables of the best and freshest pulped natural Brazilian coffee we had ever tasted. The result was a massive 32 coffees being awarded the Cup of Excellence at the end of the week.

Both having never been to Brazil before, the scale of the origin land blew our minds. Our roadie took us to ten farms in two regions in only seven days. The hundreds of kilometres of travel were rewarded by picturesque Fazendas, fresh coffee from the farm, home baking, cold local beers and maybe even a little Cachaca which were always served with the warmest hospitality.  Farms in Brazil have an atmosphere of rich coffee growing history about them and some have been in families for many generations.

This trip was the beginning of some of our best producer relationships who we are immensely proud to source our green beans from.