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Stories About Our Boots

Words: The Ozone Family


Red Wing

Red Wing manages to achieve something special and almost unique – it goes beyond the quality of materials, craftsmanship, the utilitarian styling, and the heritage of the brand. It’s a very rare thing in retail – you somehow feel happy about parting with your cash!



These boots have become my best friend – they are adaptable to early evening protocols (solid polished presentation) but are equally worthy of a 4am Berlin bar and toilet trash! And then they polish back up again, forgive you for the night before (boots don’t judge) and are as good as the day you became friends. Highs and lows, these boots make the best of me.



My Blundstones are only a few months old but I feel like they’ll be with me for a long time. I like things that are built to last. Obviously, I had to go for the black ones. I love them because I can wear them all day, every day, anywhere, any occasion. Also, my Mum has the same boots. Yeah, my Mum is cooler than yours and we wear matching boots.



A friend of mine once said to me “You can be having the best day of your life, but an uncomfortable pair of shoes will ruin it – no matter what” and it’s so true. Being on my feet all day, a comfy pair of shoes is pretty important. I was pretty late to the Dr Marten’s party – I thought I probably couldn’t pull them off. But then I discovered the Flora Boot, with their super cute polka-dot lining, and now I can’t take them off!



This is my 3rd pair of CATs and they usually last me 5-7 years. I bought my first pair because I thought they would be cool because they make bulldozers. I use them for everything: tramping, work, motorcycling and stomping around. All round a good boot.