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Featured Artist

By: Ozone Coffee

Alex Gyurkovicz is a talented Brazilian graphic designer who calls London home. Our crew have been aware of Alex’s work for a while now - so we were pretty thrilled that he was keen to collaborate with us on the creative for this year’s Journal, Christmas Blend and English Aeropress Championship identity. After a few hangs and some spros with Alex, together we decided that the Journal brief should be to develop some abstract shapes which would work alongside, inside, outside and through the Journal - blending, weaving and threading our stories of coffee, hospitality and business in a beautiful and creatively organic way. Alex nailed it. We’re so incredibly happy with the result, and asked Alex how he approached this brief: ‘Coffee is all about texture for me. Not only is it about that feeling that follows every sip, but it’s all the hard work, passion and materiality involved. For example, you can learn a lot about Brazil’s history and complex socio-political landscape just by listening to the stories of the people involved in their coffee communities. Design needs to consider these depths, these stories and layers of meaning, brush against the grain and find a way to come up with images that mirror all of this texture - even if the answer comes through abstract imagery’.

Alex let his imagination go wild with Aeropress filters and by using a variety of mediums and processes, a series of loveable monster personalities came to life.

Check out Alex’s work at: