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Denim Daze

Stories about our denim

Words: The Ozone Family



I used to have this ridiculously ugly pair of mom jeans, vintage naf naf with grape print all over them, but my cat started a fire in our house by dropping a candle into a pile of clean laundry and they got burned. So I looked for an equally ugly pair to replace them and found these in Beyond Retro in Stoke Newington.



I’ve always found choosing and buying new jeans a chore. Getting hot and sweaty in a cramped changing room, trying to figure out various styles and wondering why they’re all so skinny?!

Not anymore! I treated myself to an awesome retail experience and this sweet pair about 18 months ago at Rivet & Hide. It’s become my go to denim shop as they do the hard work for me, sourcing the best jeans from around the world. They guide you through the options of fabric, colour, and cut to ensure you end up with a new favourite pair. And they even hemmed these for me on their 1930’s Union Special sewing machine.



I got this jacket from my flatmate. He bought it from a flea market in East London for a tenner.
One night we were out having a few beers and we thought we would swap jackets. I started getting loads of compliments about how cool it was yet my flatmate had received none. I then made a deal with him that since it looked so much better on me I would swap it for a traditional Maori necklace that I would bring back from NZ.

I like how it’s wool lined – reminds me of NZ.



My boyfriend found the shirt in a thrift store, I wasn’t that phased on it at the time.

However, after learning about the story of how Levis had resurrected their original orange tab clothing from the 60s – 70s I gained a better appreciation of quality clothing and fell in love with the brand all together. Therefore, the shirt grew on me as I guess it is a little part of denim history!


Wrangler Stompers

I bought these five years ago at an iconic New Plymouth surf store. They were a pair I did a lot of skating in – that’s the story behind the holes!

They were also my go-to jeans when working on stripping back my Honda CB650 too. I don’t own that bike anymore, but I’ve still got the jeans. I can’t seem to throw them out. Maybe there’s some sentimental reason for that, and there’s always an occasion for ripped jeans right?