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People and Culture

Words by: Alex Milne -Head of People and Culture

It’s been a massive couple of years for us at Ozone, with our recent growth and expansion providing awesome opportunities for our people to explore new challenges, new territories and new markets. As a group, we now employ over 150 people across four locations - and that’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

Expansion, entry into new markets and quick increases in team numbers are significant in any company – and naturally, employees will notice some of their familiar day-to-day processes, relationships and well-worn routines change a little. As some of the conversation turns to ‘the bigger picture’ and new parts of the business develop, it can be easy for employees to feel unnoticed, unappreciated or left behind – and that’s not lost on us.

We acknowledge that growth can be challenging and a bit scary, we get it. But it’s this growth that will provide our people with opportunity. We want our employees – regardless of where they sit in the business – to understand our expansion, to welcome it and to let it enable them to grow as we grow.

Our people are the heart of our organisation. We are extremely protective of the culture that has developed organically since we started out twenty years ago, and we are committed to investing in it.


This year, we put down on paper our first company-wide People and Culture Strategy. The aim was to provide soft-structure to a programme of work that would help reinforce and embed our values, and protect both our culture and our people.

Key Objectives:

To attract and recruit the right people, with the right skills, for the right roles, with the right support and opportunities.

To align our people (and our people processes) to ensure we’re all working together toward the same goals, and ensure consistency and efficiency on a global scale.

To engage our people by nurturing a progressive, collaborative, flexible and caring work environment and organisational culture.

To reward our people by recognising their contribution toward the delivery of the company’s priorities – both financially and non-financially.

To grow, develop and support our people and people leaders to fulfil their absolute potential and meet both their career and personal aspirations.

So, how are we going to achieve this?

The relationship between an organisation and its people is no different to that of a relationship between individuals. What’s required for it to work well is self-awareness, two-way communication, emotional intelligence and a clear understanding of each other’s values, personalities and priorities. As an organisation, we want to make sure that we are very clear and deliberate in communicating and expressing our values, and that we take the time to understand what excites, scares and drives our people beyond their weekly pay packet.

Up until now we’ve tended to rely on our ‘gut feel’ to get a sense of how our employees were doing and, in fairness, it served us pretty well. But, in order for us to find out how everyone was really feeling and what was really important to them, we now want to challenge our thinking and test our assumptions.

This year we started working on our first ever company-wide employee engagement survey with the help of Australian company Culture Amp. The data we collect from our team taking this survey will be analysed to identify key engagement drivers unique to Ozone, we will be able to benchmark our findings against other companies, and will be tracking our performance over time. We’ll share our results and findings with our teams so that we can work collectively to adjust, build, invest and deliver on our promises and our strategy.

Our People and Culture Strategy, and our commitment to receiving regular and honest feedback from our teams is a pivotal step in continuing the legacy of Ozone being a family business with purposeful values.