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The Famous and Brave

Pet Projects

Images: Andrew Hockey & Ella Waterhouse

On the far West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand, under the majestic (though often cloud covered) watch of Mt Taranaki, lies the coastal city of New Plymouth. A destination city, much of New Plymouth’s character comes from the highly networked web of small businesses that bring its community together. Many of those businesses take inspiration from the unique combination of mountain and sea that Taranaki has to offer.

Theo Newbold started the Famous and Brave clothing line as a hobby. Working on side projects always resulted in creativity, an addictive drive for a young entrepreneur. Theo named the business on the basis everyone wants to be famous – not the traditional A-list celebrity type of famous, but he believes everyone wants to be recognised for contributions in their field of expertise or for reasons which are often not acknowledged.  Theo also believes that people are inherently brave, but that they can’t always recognise bravery in themselves. For Theo, starting a simple and refined apparel line was a great act of bravery.

“Professionally starting a small business grows you as a person as it gives you experience that you can’t get from anywhere else. It shows you have a skill that not everyone is capable of. I believe this is an amazing gift.”
Theo Newbold