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  • Charcoal Black
  • Matte White


  • Silicone

Inside the Package

  • Heat Resistant Coaster x 2

Product Dimensions

  • Φ: 100 mm H: 3 mm


Protect your scale from the heat interference of longer brews!


Protect your Acaia scale from heated containers during longer brews with Acaia’s specialized heat resistant coaster. The silicone coaster is a must-have in your barista toolkit to protect your scale against any heat damage and to get a properly calibrated scale for weighing your coffee. You can’t go wrong by taking that extra step to protect the items that get you a delicious coffee or espresso every day. Whether you’re brewing pour-over or any other brew method that requires placing a hot cup or carafe on your Acaia scale, this heat resistant coaster saves your scale from heat permeating the scale and causing damage during those longer brews.