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  • Samaipata


  • The Rodriguez Family


  • Geisha

Process Method

  • Washed


Situated in the eastern foothills of the Bolivian Andes, Finca El Fuerte was named in honour of the ‘Fort of Samaipata’, a unique Bolivian ruin. The site represents the legacies of Inca, Spanish and Chanè cultures and is now a UNESCO world heritage site. With rich soil and high altitudes, Finca El Fuerte is ideally situated for producing the highest quality coffees. Historically, the main varietals planted here were Bourbon and Caturra, but after consulting with specialised agronomists, the decision was made to plant rarer varietals like Java and Geisha. Said to have made its way to Central America from Ethiopia in the 1950s, Gesha or Geisha, is a very delicate plant that needs the ideal space and care to thrive. Distinctively loral, it yields an experience of drinking delicate fruit tea ratherthan coffee. Finca El Fuerte sits within the Agricafe group, owned and operated by the Rodriguez family, who have chosen a llama as their logo – a source of inspiration for this box design.


Region: Samaipata
Altitude: 1550-1700masl
Harvest: Jan 2019

Suggested Filter Method

Suggested Method: V60
Dose: 15g
Water: 240ml/97°C
Time: 2 1/2 – 3 mins

Espresso recipe

Dose: 17g
Time: 26-28 secs
Yield: 36g