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  • Caranavi, La Paz


  • The Rodriguez Family


  • Typica

Process Method

  • Washed


Waliki is in the Los Yungas region of Bolivia, one of 12 farms managed by the Rodriguez Family and export partner AgriCafe. This month, we are pleased to offer two varieties from this exciting farm – a Typica and a Longberry. These trees were planted in 2016 and are now producing enough coffee to export.

Waliki is experimenting with 100% organic production of Typica and Java varieties. ArgriCafe are using the results of these yields to see if fully organic farms are a viable option for Bolivian coffees, by looking at the quality produced and costs involved.


Region: Caranavi, La Paz
Altitude: 1650masl
Harvest: October 2018

Suggested Filter Method

Suggested Method: Aeropress Inverted
Dose: 14g
Water: 240ml/89°C
Time: 2 mins

Espresso recipe

Dose: 18g
Time: 28-32 secs
Yield: 36g