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Walnut • Hazelnut • Chocolate Orange

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  • Cerrado De Minas, Minas Gerais


  • Christiano Ottoni


  • Red Catuai

Processing Method

  • Natural


In 1890, 4 brothers planted their first coffee plants in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil. Some 130 years later, their families have continued to be massively involved in coffee. Owners of famous farms in the Sul de Minas region (including Cachoeira De Grama and Santa Alina) and a roastery in Portland all trace their family back to those brothers, as does Cristiano Ottoni, the owner of Fazenda Rodomunho in the Cerrado de Minas region.

The Rodomunho estate stretches over a massive 450 hectares, which includes over 300 hectares of coffee as well as other agriculture. This obviously needs plenty of workers to look after and the farm has its own “agrovillage” – good quality accommodation, school, etc. – to look after them.

Walnut and Hazelnut dominate the flavour here, but they’re backed up by sweet chocolate orange.


Region: Cerrado De Minas, Minas Gerais
Altitude: 1,050 masl
Harvest: September 2020

Espresso Recipe

Dry Dose: 18g
Time: 28 -30 secs
Wet weight: 32g

Filter Recipe

Method: V60
Dry Dose: 15g
Water: 250ml/ 96 °C
Time: 3-4mins