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Flavour Notes

Milk Chocolate • Cranberry • Muscovado

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  • Minas Gerais


  • FAL Café


  • Yellow Bourbon (Bourbon Amarelo) and Mundo Novo

Process Method

  • Natural


This coffee is produced by FAL Café, who own two farms and a dry mill in the region of Minas Gerais. Ozone have been buying from both farms – Fazenda Monte Verde and Fazenda Santa Izabel – since the 2014 harvest. Fazenda Monte Verde and Santa Izabel have regularly placed in Brazil Cup of Excellence and last year Santa Izabel won 1st place at the BSCA (Brazil Speciality Coffee Association awards).

BAMO is the acronym that farmers on Santa Izabel use to distinguish this coffee as it comes from two different varietals – Bourbon Amarelo & Mundo novO. BAMO comes from some of the newest trees on the farm, located in the North East of Santa Izabel. This section has some impressive terracing which is where coffee trees are planted on graduated levels to prevent erosion, help with water retention and make harvesting easier. BAMO is a great representation of what this farm and region have to offer – citrus and chocolate!


Region: Minas Gerais
Altitude: 1130-1180masl
Harvest: August 2018

Filter Recipe

Method: Aeropress: Inverted
Dose: 16g
Water: 240ml / 89 °C
Time: 2 mins

Espresso Recipe

Dose: 18g
Time: 28 – 32 secs
Yield: 36g