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Stewed Pear • Lemon Zest • Toffee

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  • Kayanza


  • Long Miles Coffee


  • Red Bourbon, Heirlooms


  • Fully Washed


We are proud to offer GAHARO HILL for the third time, made possible by the Long Miles Coffee Project and Collaborative Coffee Source.

Many farms in this region have been abandoned over the years, as farmers have been unable to invest and forced to abandon them. This is largely due to generational poverty and recurring conflict in the region. As a result, good agricultural knowledge and practise has been lost.

Gaharo has six scouts working who have helped to rejuvenate abandoned farms and educate farmers on growing specialty coffee. From teaching them how to make organic fertiliser to help lower the acidity in the soil, to how to spot the critters that can devastatingly affect crops with what’s known as the potato defect.

In the words of Long Miles: “We have grown, worked and developed as a community “twese hamwe”, together.”


Region: Kayanza
Altitude: 1760masl
Harvest: June 2018

Suggested Filter Method

Method: V60
Dose: 15g
Water: 250ml/89°C
Time: 3 mins
Bloom: 80g for 30 seconds