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Passionfruit • Lemon • Manuka Honey

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  • Tolima


  • Jairo Humberto Lopez


  • Caturra, Yellow Bourbon, Typica

Process Method

  • Fully Washed


15 years ago Jairo Lopez took over the management of Finca Villa Norena. Despite favourable volcanic soil and altitude the farm had only ever manged to produce poor quality coffee. Under the direction of Jairo, production volumes and quality has been increased over time through re-investment and continual improvements in picking and processing. There has been intercropping of Plantain and Cedar trees to provide shade to coffee plants, new raised coffee drying beds have been built, and pickers are paid higher rates to ensure only the perfectly ripe cherries are collected.

As an independent producer, Jairo Lopez wants to increase the amount of coffee he sells to Speciality Roasters so that he can move away from a reliance on the commodity market where the price paid is much lower and quality is not as important.