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  • Cundinamarca


  • Small holder farmers near Viotá


  • Caturra, Castillo

Process Method

  • Fully washed & sun dried


Located in the region of Cundinamarca, part of Colombia’s Central Cordillera, Viotá is a community that heavily relies on coffee production as its major output. So much so, the town holds the annual ‘Festival de la Cultura Cafetera’, celebrating their proud history in coffee production. Most farms in the area are no larger than 3-5 hectares. However, these small-scale farming activities provide the largest percentage of employment by a significant margin, and so the importance of coffee to the local economy cannot be overstated.

This lot was processed using selective hand-picking before the cherry is washed, de-pulped and fermented for 12-18 hours, before being sun-dried on both patios and parabolic beds. It was then decaffeinated using the CO2 method. Here CO2 is turned into a liquid solvent and steamed on to the un-roasted beans which opens the pores of the coffee and extracts the caffeine. This is a slow process and can up to four days until virtually all the caffeine has been removed.