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Apricot Jam • Caramel • Sugar

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  • Huila


  • Claros Family


  • Caturra

Process Method

  • Washed


The Claros family own and operate La Chorrera in Pitalito in the south of Huila, the biggest coffee producing Department in Colombia. It’s in the valley of the Rio Grande de la Magdalena, known as ‘The Valley of Laboyos’, which is 180 km away from Nieva, the capital of Huila. Like many farms in Colombia, the washing and drying stations are built on the farm and all post-harvest processes are overseen by Pedro Claros. The La Chorrera drying station is quite impressive as it’s a greenhouse built on top of the family home so they can keep a close eye on their parchment and turn it every few hours to ensure even drying.

This Caturra Lot from La Chorrera has been decaffeinated by the synthetically chemical free ‘Sugar Cane process’. This involves the coffee being immersed in water with a natural solvent that is found in sugar cane that extracts caffeine from green coffee. The whole decaffeination is done within Colombia meaning the coffee doesn’t need to travel far!