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  • Imbabura



  • Caturra and Castillo

Process Method

  • Fully Washed


Tumbabiro is a small parish located in the northern part of the province of Imbabura, and this coffee was produced by 50 independent farmers from this area and the nearby area of Carchi. This region is renowned for being one of the oldest producing locations of Specialty coffee in Northern Ecuador. Producers in this area put a strong focus on ecological awareness, and many are organically certified. Due to the close proximity to the Colombian border, coffees from this region share many of the same varietals as well as the processing methods found in their neighboring country. This translates to the coffee’s cup profile in the
form of exceptionally clean, citrus acidity and a smooth, creamy body.


Region: Imbabura
Altitude: 2100 masl
Harvest: June 2019

Suggested Filter Method

Suggested Method: Aeropress: Inverted
Dose: 16g
Water: 240ml/89°C
Time: 2 mins

Espresso Recipe

Dose: 17.5g
Time: 28-30 secs
Yield: 36g