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  • Chalantenango


  • Orlando Aguilar


  • Pacas

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  • Washed


For a limited time only!

We are incredibly proud to have worked with Café Imports to roast the World Aeropress Championship coffee. This very special micro-lot from producer Orlando Aguilar was selected in partnership with our friends at Café Imports for its highly complex character and cup profile. Orlando descends from a large producing family that is steeped in tradition and a strong legacy in El Salvador. In his relentless search for quality, Orlando cultivates strong varietals only where he can ensure ideal conditions for the trees to thrive. The harvest at his farm, Finca Buena Vista, is done by selective hand-picking to ensure only the perfectly ripe cherries are taken. Fermentation then takes place in sacks for 9-12 hours before being de-pulped, washed and dried on raised beds for 10-13 days. You will find that the complexity of this coffee is apparent by brewing on a variety of brew methods, each bringing out the range of unique characteristics. Expect crisp red apple and caramel sweetness with a long citrus acidity.


With thanks to the World Championship winner Wendelien van Bunnik, from Single Estate coffee in the Netherlands!

30g of coarsely ground coffee added into an inverted aeropress

Add 100g of 92 degree brewing water* in 10 seconds

Stir 20 times

Add cap with rinsed filter (exact filter used in competition was from Aesir)

Remove excess air by gently pressing down on inverted aeropress

Leave to brew for 40 seconds

Invert onto vessel and press, you will have around 60g of brew

Dilute with 120g of brewing water* still at 92 degrees

Pour between 2 pitchers/vessels until cooled down to 60 degrees



Brew water

Soft mineral water (exact water used in competition Spa Blauw) at 30ppm

El Salvador

Region: Chalantenango
Altitude: 1300masl

Suggested Filter Method

Suggested Method: Aeropress Inverted
Dose: 16g
Water: 240ml/89°C
Time: 2 mins