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Black Tea • Cream • Lemon

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  • Sidamo


  • Tizita Bizuneh


  • Heirloom

Processing Method

  • Washed


The Bulessa Washing Station in Sidamo is run by Tizita Bizuneh, where she processes cherries from 112 small holders. It’s unusual in Ethiopia for a woman to run a washing station, which is a prominent position in the community, but more than this she focuses on helping educate and empower women involved in coffee. She runs workshops and projects supporting women and children, as well as employing a full time staff of 15 women and up to 100 seasonal workers.

Expect notes of black tea and lemon, but with an intense sweetness of cream and a silky texture.


Region: Sidamo
Altitude: 1,650 – 1,800 masl
Harvest Date: January 2020

Espresso Recipe

Dry Dose: 20 g
Time: 34 sec
Wet weight: 32 g

Filter Recipe

Suggested method: V60 g
Dry Dose: 15g
Water: 250g/ 93c
Time: 3:30 mins