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  • Palencia


  • Guadalupe Alberto Reyes


  • Bourbon, Caturra


  • Washed


Located around an hour’s drive to the east of Guatemala City in the small town of Palencia, this small group of farms sit at an altitude between 1,500 and 1,800 metres above sea level on the side of the local mountain Cerro Tomastepek. San Patricio Estate is owned by Guadalupe Alberto Reyes, and is run with the help of many of his family. He is currently the Mayor of Palencia and helped to build and develop the town.


The newly created brand ‘San Patricio Coffee’ encompasses the families 3 farms and wet mill – Finca El Limon, the largest and most established of the 3, along with Finca Bella Vista, and recently acquired Finca El Morito.


Reyes family have the passion for the natural environment of the farms. They are carrying out reforestation projects where they have the space on each farm. They believe this contributes massively to the ecology of the environment providing shelter and shade for the coffee, organic matter, cooler air and creation of micro-climates. They also have a no hunting policy to help foster bird and animal life, again to contribute to the ecosystem.


Region: Palencia
Altitude: 1500-1800 masl
Harvest: Feb 2020

Espresso Recipe

Dose: 18g
Time: 28-30 secs
Yield: 36g

Filter Recipe

Method: V60
Dose: 15g
Water: 250ml / 96 °C
Time: 3-4 mins