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Key Features

  • 1x Borosilicate Glass Woodneck Drip Pot DPW-3
  • Olive Wood for Heat Protection
  • Heatproof Premium Glassware from Japan


The Hario Woodneck drip pot cloth is an ancient coffee extraction method. Tested by time this way of brewing coffee gives richer taste and dark colour to your coffee extract.

The Hario Woodneck is made of borosilicate glass and olive wood and the cloth (flannel filter) is reusable several times. Just make sure that you clean it thoroughly, keep it moist and store it a cool place, preferably the fridge. This way your cloth will stay fresh and reusable for longer.

The Woodneck is manufactured using the highest quality glass from Japan. The combination of the heatproof glass and olive wood means you’re always good for heat protection.