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  • Nueva Segovia


  • Guillermo Montenegro and Rose Marina López


  • Caturra, Catuai, Typica

Process Method

  • Washed


Finca El Poste is owned and managed by Guillermo Montenegro and Rose Marina López. Despite some major set-backs, they continue to produce some beautiful coffee from the farm. In 1998, hurricane Mitch destroyed many of the coffee plants and in 2012 many of the plants were lost to coffee leaf rust.

We have sourced this coffee with our Colombia partner Caravela. With the help of Caravela’s PECA Program, Guillermo and Rose have restored their farm, consistently produce high quality lots, and now have a long-term sustainability strategy. The PECA program is an initiative designed to help farmers achieve higher quality (and quantity) crops. This year, Guillermo is working with PECA on sustainable waste water management.


Region: Nueva Segovia
Altitude: 1300-1700masl
Harvest: January 2019

Suggested Filter Method

Suggested Method: Aeropress Inverted
Dose: 16g
Water: 220ml/89°C
Time: 2 mins

Espresso recipe

Dose: 17.5g
Time: 28-30 secs
Yield: 36g