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Simply Hario V60 2 Cup Glass Brewing Kit

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Key Features

  • Heatproof borosilicate glass
  • Stylish, classic design
  • Brews two cups

What's in the box

  • 2 Cup V60 glass dripper
  • V60 coffee server
  • V60 paper filters
  • Measuring spoon


You’ll find everything you need to make great coffee at home or in the office, with the Hario V60 2 Cup Glass Brewing Kit. To take it to the next level and get the best results, we recommend a Hario Pouring Kettle for the most delicate pour, alongside a Hario Mini Mill Grinder to ensure your coffee is fresh as can be.

Good design is a Hario glass pour over. Pour overs tend to all look alike, but it’s the heatproof borosilicate glass that places Hario above the rest – it’s all about the heat retention to make a perfect brew.

Wondering how the pros get the best results? Check out our Brew At Home guide for guidance in getting the best flavour in the cup.