Mensur & Nesru

Gomma, Ethiopia

  • FARM
  • Tokuma group, Mensur Aba Hika
  • 2,000 m.a.s.l.

Mensur Aba Hika owns an 18-hectare farm in the Jimma region of Ethiopia. The Jimma region isn’t usually known for high-quality naturals; however, Mensur’s attention to detail in processing showcases what can be achieved in this case. It’s exciting for us to showcase the work of a single producer, as previously in Ethiopia, most coffees were being sold via washing stations or regions like Yirgacheffe. This is due to a recent change from the Authorities, who now allow farmers to export their coffee as their own.

Mensur is a key component of the Tokuma Farmer Group. The Tokuma group is a collective of farmers in Western Ethiopia who have organized to market their coffees together and share knowledge with each other that allows them to each improve quality. Over the past three years, we have seen overall quality and consistency improve year over year within this group. We have also seen the Tokuma Farmers improve upon their ability to deliver coffees to the port on time.

Nesru Aba Nura, the wife of Mensur, has completed her second harvest from her own 9-hectare farm in the Kota Kebele of Jimma. Nesru's coffee trees thrive at an impressive altitude of 1,950-2,000 meters above sea level. The cherries are carefully dried on raised beds for an average of 21 days, allowing for the development of exquisite flavours. 

We are honoured to continue our partnership with Nesru Aba Nura and present her exceptional coffee to the world. Her commitment and the distinct flavours of her second harvest present Ethiopian coffee production's ongoing growth and diversity. 

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