To us, sustainability is a journey we’ll always be on, not simply a destination. It’s a culmination of everything we do to make the coffee world a better place—from the producers we work with and ensuring they pay fair, above-market wages, the way our coffee is grown and sourced to protect the land it comes from, the packaging and materials we use, and much more. We want to leave the world better than when we arrived. That means taking small, thoughtful steps every day to reach our sustainability goals and being a force for good in the coffee industry.

Our 125g and 220g bags are 100% commercially compostable. Neat, right?

  • Our 125g and 220g coffee bags are made from plants and are commercially compostable.

  • Our mailers and postcards are made from FSC-certified recycled wood pulp that’s both compostable and kerbside recyclable.

  • We send larger orders in cardboard boxes made from FSC-certified materials and sealed with paper packing tape.

  • We use recycled kraft packing paper to keep your order safe in transit. For larger spaces, we also like to use empty coffee sacks. You can recycle these at home, or reuse them too!

Find out how to recycle our bags in your local area

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