Our New Grind Size Options

We're updating our bags and you'll soon notice a range of different grind options appearing on the back.

The default option for our coffees will remain whole beans, and the options on the grind selection drop-down menu of our website will remain unchanged so if you currently order pre-ground coffee from us, you won't need to do anything.

Below is a handy-dandy list showing where various brew methods fall within our range of grind options, but if you have any questions please feel 100% comfortable reaching out to us via our contact form (which can be found here) as we’re ready and ever-so happy to help make sure you’re getting the coffee you want.

If you place an order and end up with a pre-ground option that doesn’t quite work for you and your setup, please get in touch with what’s happening (is your coffee brewing too quickly? too slowly? tasting too strong? etc) and we’ll do our very best to get everything sorted out for you. 


  • Grind Size: Very fine, like powdered sugar.
  • Suitable for making single or double shots of concentrated coffee.
  • Brewing Method: Espresso machine, Turkish coffee (jezve)

Fine Filter:

  • Grind Size: Fine, similar to granulated sugar.
  • It can be used for making, ideally, one to a few cups of coffee, providing precise control over extraction.
  • Brewing Method: Moka pot, AeroPress, single cup pour-over (e.g., Hario V60 01, Chemex 1-3 cup, Kalita 155, Narrow Orea, etc)

Medium Filter:

  • Grind Size: Medium, resembling coarse sand.
  • Suitable for making multiple cups of coffee, maintaining balance and clarity in flavour.
  • Brewing Method: Double cup pour-over brewers (e.g., Clever Dripper, V60 02, Chemex 6/8/10 cup, Kalita 185, April, Wide Orea, etc)

Coarse Filter:

  • Grind Size: Coarse, similar to sea salt.
  • Ideal for making larger quantities of coffee, providing a full-bodied and mellow brew.
  • Brewing Method: Automatic drip brewers like Moccamaster, BUNN, Sage, Behmor etc, and syphon brewers.

French Press:

  • Grind Size: Coarse, with larger chunky particles.
  • Suitable for making multiple cups of bold and flavourful coffee.
  • Brewing Method: French Press (Cafetiere/Press Pot/Plunger Pot), cold brew, cowboy coffee.