Ep. 805 Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama Natural Canario

Milk chocolate, sultana, biscuit.

Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama has been in the Carvalho Dias family since 1890, and we've now been sourcing from them for just over twenty years. In 2016 our exporting partners Bourbon Specialty Coffees took on administration of the farm alongside the family, which is now also used as their main processing centre and the location of their ongoing research regarding variety, picking, processing, and drying.

Located in the Sul de Minas mesoregion just 3 miles north of the border of Minas Gerais state, the farm borders Alta Mogiana in Sao Paolo state to the south. The mountainous terrain, typical of both regions, sits between 1,100 to 1,300 metres above sea level. The steep topography necessitates all farm work be carried out by hand as machinery can’t access the land on the mountainsides.

The Vale da Grama region has been a centre of coffee production since the 19th century and adopted the innovations of specialty coffee a long time ago; high quality and quantity walk the same path thanks to a dedication to technology and science. The majority of plants grown are Bourbon, both Yellow and Red, with Natural and Pulped Natural being the most common processing methods used locally.

Coffee produced at Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama is the result of dedication and care during all the phases of coffee production, including the selection of seedlings, plantation, care until harvest, and processing. Lindolpho de Carvalho Dias has been one of the finalists at Brazil’s Cup of Excellence in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2005. Gabriel de Carvalho Dias doesn’t just consistently produce great coffee, he is one of Brazil’s leading agronomists, and his family own several farms that border one another.

Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama is 417 hectares, and 64 are planted with coffee. Environmental sustainability is considered very important in the farm management, and they have developed a program of planting native species alongside the coffee crop to keep a better ecological balance. This farm has a school, a club, a full-sized football field for employees, and 47 houses with modern facilities. The family invests heavily in the farm's coffee processing facilities. Wastewater is treated to avoid polluting the stream that crosses the land, and the farm has a small hydroelectric plant used during the peak harvest. Gabriel and family grow mostly Yellow Bourbon, Canario and Mundo Novo varietals, but also invest in planting new ones and experimenting with new techniques.

We remember the first time we visited the farm and cupped this Brazilian coffee - it really opened our minds to what great coffee can be. The Carvalho Dias family's dedication to preserving the land and supporting their communities has allowed them to produce one of the most consistent and delicious coffees that holds a special significance for us.


This sweet medley of milk chocolate and caramel has a swirl of sultana and biscuit running through it for a moreish and easy drinking cup.

  • Country: Brazil
  • State: São Paulo
  • Area: Vale da Grama, Mogiana
  • Farm: Cachoeira da Grama
  • Producer: Gabriel Carvalho Dias
  • Altitude: 1,100–1,250 m.a.s.l.
  • Farm size: 411 hectares
  • Coffee growing area: 64 hectares
  • Processing: Natural
  • Varietal: Canario

Cupping notes: Milk chocolate, sultana, biscuit.

Cup of Excellence Cupping Scores

  • Clean cup: (1–8): 6
  • Sweetness: (1–8): 6.5
  • Acidity: (1–8): 6
  • Mouthfeel: (1–8): 6.5
  • Flavour: (1–8): 6.5
  • Aftertaste: (1–8): 6
  • Balance: (1–8): 6.5
  • Overall: (1–8): 6.5
  • Correction:(+36): +36
  • Total (max. 100): 86.5

Roasting Information
Medium - take this one nice and steady, with plenty of development time as you take it through first and right to the end of the gap before you finish the roast.