Phoka Coffee Planters Cooperative: Phoka, Malawi

Rumphi, Malawi

  • 1,300–2,500 m.a.s.l.
  • Around 775 Farmers (roughly 550 male and 225 female)

The Phoka Coffee Planters Cooperative is composed of roughly 775 farmers, consisting of approximately 550 male and 225 female smallholders. These farmers are situated in the Phoka hills of Rumphi district, located in the northern region of Malawi. This area is known to be one of the highest altitude and most optimal coffee producing regions in the country.

Coffee is grown in the Phoka Hills, which has an elevation range of 1300 – 2500 masl, making it ideal for coffee production. The region is located 150km from Mzuzu and is situated to the eastern part of Nyika National Park. The Phoka Hills have produced exceptional coffees, especially from growers in Chakaka, Mphachi, Salawe, Junju, and Vunguvungu.

The soils in this area are formed on the Karros beds, which are naturally acidic due to the process of natural leaching. The region experiences an average rainfall of 1760mm at Nchenachena and 1806mm at Livingstonia. The northern and western areas of the region usually receive more rainfall compared to other areas. The annual temperature ranges from 16 – 19 degrees Celsius, with the coldest month being July and the hottest month being November.

The Phoka Hills, Malawi
The legendary Phoka Hills
A smallholder farmer of the Phoka Coffee Planters Cooperative
One of the many smallholders of the Phoka Coffee Planters Cooperative
 Phoka Coffee Planters Cooperative, Malawi

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