Ep. 812 Peru Nima Juarez Washed Marshell

Marzipan, dark chocolate, caramel.

Marshell, a newly discovered Bourbon-type varietal has a bit of mystery in its background. Its exact origins are unclear – it could be a hybrid that escaped cultivation or a spontaneous mutation. Named after Marcelino, the farmer who found it on his farm, Marshell is gaining attention among coffee growers.

Why the interest? Marshell is known for its robustness and high yield, paired with a sophisticated and refined flavor profile. It’s quickly becoming a favourite, producers feel that it performs particularly well in the Cajamarca conditions.

This silky coffee has sweet cola notes of caramel and spice, but with a delicate pomegranate on the aftertaste making for a balanced and elegant cup.

Farm Information

  • Country: Peru
  • Region: Cajamarca
  • Producer: Nima Juarez
  • Farm: El Roble
  • Altitude: 1,720 m.a.s.l.
  • Variety: Marshell
  • Processing method: Washed

Further Information

Tasting notes: Cola, caramel, pomegranate.

Cup of Excellence Cupping Scores

  • Clean Cup: (1-8): 6.5
  • Sweetness: (1-8): 6.5
  • Acidity: (1-8): 6
  • Mouthfeel: (1-8): 6
  • Flavour: (1-8): 6.5
  • Aftertaste: (1-8): 6
  • Balance: (1-8): 6.5
  • Overall: (1-8): 6.5
  • Correction: (+36): +36
  • Total (max 100): 87

Roast Information
Medium - Through first and all the way up to the edge of second, with a moderate pace to both develop the sweetness and maintain the delicate flavour balance.