Estate Dairy

Using sustainable practices to produce quality dairy products (2 minute read). 


United Kingdom:

The Estate Dairy is a collective of young passionate individuals dedicated to producing and bottling the highest quality milk and cream. They farm their herd sustainably on over 500 acres of idyllic Somerset pastures, believe in treating their dairy produce with respect and pay very close attention to animal nutrition, diet and welfare.

The Estate Dairy crew have researched the complex makeup of milk over the last ten years, and have a comprehensive understanding of how it behaves when put through different processes. Their unique farming systems yield high-protein milk which remains as unprocessed as possible and they don’t homogenise their milk or cream. Their farming and production methods ensure The Estate Dairy’s product is of extremely high quality and full of natural goodness.

The Estate Dairy team is devoted to providing their customers with exceptional dairy produce that is fully traceable. We have been sourcing from The Estate Dairy in the UK since 2016, and you can find their milk being steamed and poured into your flat white, latte or hot chocolate at our London eateries. And bonus – the left-over steamed milk is used by our kitchen team to make ricotta.

The Estate Dairy’s experience in farming and their scientific research has equipped them with the ability to deliver on the promise of an ultimate milk offering for the hospitality industry, and we’re pretty stoked to have them as part of our Ozone fam.