Sam's Tasting Notes

We’ve been busy cooking up some banging new dishes! Our Head Chef, Sam, along with the amazing team in the kitchen, have whipped up a fresh, seasonal menu that stays true to our Kiwi roots. All your classic faves like our kedgeree and bubble and squeak will still be on the menu, read the full menu here.

Sam dished out his latest tasting notes that nail the flavours and inspo behind these new menu items. Check it out...


Breakfast roll with egg and gammon

Breakfast roll, Gammon, egg, hash brown, red Leicester & chilli jam
We are going for a change on the muffin and in its place is this bad boy. Soft ciabatta roll from Snapery East with gammon from the Yorkshire G’s at Fruit Pig, relish this chilli jam (a lockdown special from our Shoreditch Head Chef, Thomas), new hash brown and cheese to tie it all together. Chur.

beans on toast

Warmed heritage beans, tomatoes, parsley, shallot, caper option to add an egg
We are really trying to let ingredients sing more this time around. This plate just hits the spot. Tomatoes passed through the mooli and cooked out to reduce the liquid. Only adding a small amount of garlic then heaps of fresh herbs. Heritage beans from Natoora are going through this to make what is essentially beans on toast but just super fresh and light.


Heritage tomatoes on toast

Heritage tomato, bar ricotta curds, herb oil, crusty toast option to add Cobble Lane cured nduja
Similar to the above, we wanted to let the ingredients speak for themselves. It's just tomatoes, herb oil and ricotta. Nothing more to see here but my god are these tomatoes wicked. So so so simple but so tasty.

Griddle bread with anchovy

Griddle bread with anchovy
For those of you that have been around a little bit, we are bringing back another flat bread. The dough is made from excess labneh whey so you can’t remove dairy here. Has a wild sea herb butter and some marinated anchovy to finish her off. Salt, butter and chargrilled. Just how bread should be.

Shrub mushroom, lamb, hummus and paratha

Shrub mushroom, lamb with hummus & spent sourdough
Trying to make the most of in season produce and lucky for us, mushrooms are here and what better way to use them. Cooked out in XO and finished off with crispy lamb bits. On top of fermented hummus and served with an Asian inspired spent sourdough bread (paratha). Can be vegan if your heart desires.

Chip and Dip

Potato chips & dip
Whats the best snack you can find in New Zealand? Bluebird chips and kiwi dip. You can’t ever go wrong with this. What the box says. Plain and simple chips and dip.

Pork schnitzel

Pork schnity, hangi potato, lemon butter & fennel mustard salad
Here for the time being is a pork schnity. 120g of lightly bashed pork, hangi potato salad, lemon meat butter from old juiced and zested fruit and pickled fennel and mustard leaf salad. Cant beat fried pork and potato salad.

pasta with egg yolk on top

House pasta w wild sea herb butter, yolk
option to add anchovy
A light pasta dough at 120g. Has the same wild sea herb butter as the flat bread but this one is just finished with an egg yolk. Need to get it all mixed through to help it become part of the sauce. Yum.


dressed spinach leaves

Dressed spinach, ponzu, garlic
Using wild spinach (NZ spinach in the uk) which is getting slightly pickled and dressed with Citrus ponzu and garlic chips.

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