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Las Delicias Javanica Natural




Strawberry, Papaya, Cacao

If you caught our release a few weeks ago, you'll be familiar with this weeks coffee. The Mierisch family have struck again, this time we have the natural process of the Las Delicias Javanica. It's a fantastic counterpart to the washed we previously showcased, this lot highlights the care and attention that goes into processing a top quality natural. Eleane is a leader in the coffee industry, having been a judge for Cup of Excellence and is also running the Beneficio Don Estaban dry mill. It's clear that she has a wealth of experience and everything it takes to produce incredible coffee, we're excited to bring more lots to you.

  • Region: Jinotega
  • Variety:Javanica
  • Process:Natural
  • Altitude:1,450 masl
  • Harvest date:March 2021