Mensur Aba Hika


Blueberry jam, brown sugar, blackberry



Mensur Aba Hika

Mensur Aba Hika owns an 18-hectare farm in the Jimma region of Ethiopia. The Jimma region isn’t usually known for high-quality naturals; however, Mensur’s attention to detail in processing showcases what can be achieved in this case. It’s exciting for us to showcase the work of a single producer, as previously in Ethiopia, most coffees were being sold via washing stations or regions like Yirgacheffe. This is due to a recent change from the Authorities, who now allow farmers to export their coffee as their own.

  • Farm/Mill: Tokuma group, Mensur Aba Hika
  • Region: Gomma, Jimma, Ethiopia
  • Variety: JARC 74110, 74112
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 2000 masl
  • Harvest Date: January 2023
  • Roast Date: June 2023

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