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Rodrigo Perafan




Red apple, Sultanas, Pecan pie

Back on his Finca Las Piedras, Rodrigo is caring for his coffee trees which produce ripe cherry year-round, packing his raised beds full of beans drying year-round. Rodrigo piles the cherry when harvested in a wooden hopper until complete, puts the coffee in bags later and leaves them to rest for 40 hours straight. The coffee is then de-pulped in tanks to ferment for an additional 50 hours in water. Fermenting in water serves a double purpose; firstly, it controls the average temperatures and prevents the beans from having undesired heat peaks. Secondly, it allows the lower density beans to float and be removed, improving the physical properties of the batch. The drying stage, which is the last one in the post-harvest processing, is done in covered raised beds, where the coffee is shaken daily to assure an even drying through a period of 30 days.

Since Rodrigo practices gradual 2-phase drying because of the climate at his farm and because he always dries down to 10.5% moisture, sometimes it takes him more than a month to dry his washed coffee!

  • Farm/Mill: Finca Las Piedras
  • Region: La Argentina, Huila
  • Variety:Caturra, Colombia, Bourbon
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1750 masl
  • Harvest Date: October - November 2021
  • Roast Date: June 2022