Brewing a More Sustainable Future

We believe that good coffee can change the world, so it's up to us to do our part to leave this world better than when we came.

From our direct-sourcing program to source the most ethical and responsible coffee for you, our kitchen philosophy rooted in local, ethical sourcing and waste reduction, to our commitment to supporting and empowering our team and communities, we strive for betterment in everything we do—for our people and the planet. It’s a sustainability journey with no final destination. Because we’re always learning new ways to improve and deepen our commitment for a more sustainable future.



Great coffee starts at origin. Our sourcing philosophy is at the helm of our sustainability program and rooted by a commitment to help transform the realities of coffee communities at origin. We have long-term, direct relationships with our partners at origin, visiting them regularly to build relationships and ensure we’re sourcing responsibly and ethically. Our producers invest in highly sustainable practices to protect their land and are socially responsible to employees. For the long-term commitment to our relationship, our shared livelihoods in coffee and the land it grows on, our direct-sourcing model means we always pay well over local production and labour costs, regardless of the market. Your support makes that possible.


Our kitchen philosophy is centred around the idea that great food should also be good for the planet. Our chefs bring this idea to life with each dish, sourcing seasonal, local ingredients prepared in creative, tasty and waste-reducing ways. Our eateries yield less than 3% of food waste (which is composted locally!), and our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources. We ferment, pickle and smoke whenever possible to enhance flavours and extend lifecycle of ingredients, use waste barista milk from our coffee bars to make ricotta and mill leftover sourdough back into flour. We choose second selection produce and source meat and fish from local partners who invest in sustainable fishing and regenerative farming.


We are proud to be a living wage employer that's working to create a diverse and inclusive workforce for our entire team. We aim for Ozone to be a safe place for everyone to bring their most authentic selves to work and have the space and resources to do great work they love. We value long-term careers in coffee and hospitality and offer training and professional development to retain and support our team. We also partner with like-minded brands and suppliers who share our vision and purpose, and commit to progressing similar sustainability missions.


Whether you’re topping up your coffee supply with our refillable bean hoppers, opting for one of our reusable cups or giving our compostable coffee pods a whirl, we offer a huge range of products that put the planet first. Our wholesale and customer orders arrive safely, packaged with repurposed cardboard and shredded waste paper from our roastery to protect your order from any knocks or bangs in the post.

Sustainability in our community

Sustainability isn’t the easiest goal to aim for, it’s the most important. As a practice we engage in daily, we’re committed to educating ourselves, challenging what’s gone before and implementing meaningful, lasting change.

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