Specialty Coffee Beans From Thailand

Our current selection of coffee beans from our producing partners in Thailand.

Not traditionally known as a country that produces specialty coffee, yet Thailand has been producing Arabica coffee since the early '80s. It started off as part of the Thai King’s opium eradication project. Because Arabica coffee thrives in conditions similar to those favoured by opium, it was selected as a substitution crop against the cultivation of the illicit plant.

Today, Thailand produces about 8,000 tonnes of Arabica coffee, mainly in the mountainous north of the country. On top of that, Thailand produces about ten times as much Robusta coffee, making it the third-largest coffee producer in Asia. Thai specialty coffee is sadly rather rarely seen amongst top specialty coffee roasters around the world and we are very happy to be able to offer these coffees to you.

    • Flavour profile Milk chocolate, caramel, walnut, dried apple
    • Process Washed
    • Varietal Mixed
    • Roast Medium Dark
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