Clever Dripper Brew Guide

How to brew easy and tasty coffee in a Clever Dripper

Clever Dripper is an easy brewing tool that allows everyone from coffee newbies to experts to brew great coffee with minimal effort.

Pouring water into a Clever Dripper

The main chamber allows you to immerse the grounds, and a gasket on its base allows you to decant your coffee directly into a mug or carafe. You will get consistent results that bring together the best parts of both a full-immersion steep and a paper filtered brew.

Basic Recipe

Coffee: 15g - Medium Filter grind
Water: 250g, 95ºC

Step 1

Heat the kettle to 95ºC and place the Clever Dripper onto your mug with the filter in place. Wet the filter, warming your mug at the same time. Discard this water.

Step 2

Place the Clever Dripper and filter onto a scale and tare. Add 15g of medium grind coffee.

Adding coffee to a Clever Dripper

Step 3

Start a your timer and add 250g of water at 95ºC, stir for 15 seconds. 

Adding water to a Clever Dripper

Step 4

Place the lid on the dripper and wait until 2:15 on your timer

Step 5

After 2:15, place the Clever Dripper on your mug to allow the coffee to draw down (around 3:00- 3:30 on your timer). 

Placing a Clever Dripper on a server to start the drawdown phase

Step 6

At 3:30 on your timer remove dripper from your mug to stop drawdown. Enjoy.

Let's brew this!

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