Ozone Espresso Brew Guide

The ‘King of the Café’ espresso machines were designed to automate the coffee making process, allowing for greater consistency and speed of service. Through trial and error it was discovered that by pressurising the water you can make a more concentrated brew and thus the modern espresso was born. The espresso has become the base to many drinks known the world over, from Flat Whites to Cappuccinos and Long Blacks to Americanos.

Making good espresso is all about the finer details. Every little change can have a huge impact on the flavour, texture and strength of your espresso. Play with the grind to adjust brew time and adjust the volume of the espresso to effect strength. Find the brew that works for you.

Espresso machines will always enhance the natural flavour profile of the coffee. Pick a coffee that is balanced and has flavours that sound appealing to you, as these flavours will be multiplied once brewed with an espresso machine.


Serves 1 cup (espresso size = 34g)
17g of finely ground coffee
Approximate brew time is 25 – 30 seconds



  1. Place the coffee into the filter basket.
  2. Evenly distribute the grounds and firmly compact using a tamper.
  3. Run 3 seconds of water through the empty machine to purge any previously used coffee.
  4. Firmly place the handle into the machine and immediately start the brew.
  5. Turn off when the espresso has fully extracted 34 grams of espresso.


  1. Fill the milk steaming jug to just below the spout.
  2. Place the steam wand tip to just below the surface of the milk and gently turn the steam pressure onto full.
  3. Slowly lower the jug by a few centimetres to introduce air into the milk for a 2 – 4 seconds and then raise back up fully immersing the steam tip again.
  4. Keep the steam wand at this level until the jug is almost too hot to touch and turn off the steam pressure.
  5. Gently pour the milk into the middle of the espresso. As the cup fills, slowly speed up the pour and stream flow to introduce thicker milk into the cup.


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