Kalita Wave Brew Guide


Coffee: 25g – Medium fine grind 
Water: 400g, 93ºC 

  1. Place filter paper into the Kalita and thoroughly wet the paper using hot water. 
  2. Place the pour-over onto an empty, pre-warmed mug or jug and add the coffee into the base of the filter. 
  3. Gently pour 50 grams of hot water onto the coffee, and leave to ‘bloom’ for 30 seconds. 
  4. At the 45-second mark, gently add 120ml of hot water. Use the same pour method each time, with 3 concentric circles, starting from the centre and moving outwards. 
  5. At the 1-minute mark, add 60ml water; at the 1-minute 15-second mark, add another 60ml; and at the 1-minute 45-second mark, add the final 60ml. 
  6. Wait for the water to pass through the coffee completely. The total brew time should be around 3 minutes. 


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