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Published: 23 December 2021
Last updated: 3 April 2023

The terms and conditions set out in this document are the current terms and conditions which will apply to every person using the Ozone Coffee Roasters website. Ozone Coffee Roasters can vary or update these terms and conditions at any time. Replacement terms and conditions will be posted on the Ozone Coffee Roasters website and will be deemed to come into force as soon as they are posted. Nothing in these terms and conditions limits your rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the European E-commerce Directive, where you are a consumer for the purposes of the Act and Directive.

Becoming a Member and General Obligations

You may sign up as a user of the Ozone Coffee Roasters website using the form contained on this website. You may only sign up once. You must not take any steps to circumvent or avoid the proper operation of the facilities.

Use of Website

All use of the website must be made honestly and in good faith. All users acknowledge and accept that we can not guarantee that the provision of the facilities will be completely uninterrupted, or free from mistake. Unless specifically stated all currencies used on this site shall be deemed to be in pounds sterling and exclusive of any taxes.


Ozone Coffee Roasters accepts credit card orders from most major credit cards and our transactions are processed through STRIPE using a secure encrypted server. Customer credit card information is not stored on our server. The name on your statement will be Ozone Coffee Roasters. Ozone Coffee Roasters also accept gift cards with further information set out below

Returns/Cancellation Policy 

If goods are returned due to being faulty, so long as they are returned within a reasonable time the remedy afforded to the customer, under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended), is a refund. Where a consumer exercises his/her cancellation rights, the customer will be given a refund within 30 days of their cancellation. The cancellation period ends on the expiry of fourteen days, commencing on the day following the day on which you, the customer, receives the goods. Roasted coffee and custom orders are excluded from these terms. Goods must be returned in their original, unopened packaging. If you, the customer, choose to cancel your order without giving a reason, you can be asked to return the goods and pay for the cost of returning the goods. Ozone Coffee Roasters reserve the right to cancel any order prior to dispatch. If we exercise this right, we will provide a full refund without undue delay and not later than 14 days after the date at which we cancelled the order.

Cancellation rights

You the consumer are given the right to cancel as required by the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (2013 No. 3134) (to not include beans that are ground or roasted to your personal specification.) You have the right to cancel your order without giving a reason. The cancellation period for the supply of goods begins on the day after the day on which you receive the goods. However, this period may be reduced depending on whether or not the specific goods are deemed to be perishable within a shorter time frame (as stated either by us or on the goods) in which case the goods must be returned prior to their expiry date or within 14 days whichever is the shorter. If such items are not returned within this period, you may still return them to us but charges may be payable and you may not be entitled to a refund. You can be asked to return and pay for the cost of returning the goods. Further information on this can be found on the Department of Trade and Industry website at http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2013/3134/pdfs/uksi_20133134_en.pdf. Roasted coffee is excluded from these terms. 

Delivery Policy

We ship all orders through Royal Mail non- tracked and DPD tracked services. Delivery prices are automatically based on the weight of your order and delivery location.

For Royal Mail with the option of either non-tracked 1st class (1-2 days), or non-tracked 2nd class (2-3 days) service. Order cut-off for same day dispatch is 7:30am Monday to Friday.
If you order at 7.25 am GMT Monday to Friday via 1st class service, this will be processed and dispatch on the same day. If you ordered at 10.30am Monday to Thursday via 2nd class service, this will be processed and dispatch the following day. All orders placed past the cut-off time of 07:30 am GMT on Friday and over the weekend will be dispatched on Monday.

We ship all UK subscription orders through Royal Mail non-tracked 2nd class service.

If you have any queries regarding your delivery, please get in touch by emailing support@ozonecoffee.co.uk.

EU Shipping Charges 

In relation to Brexit export changes, any VAT, customs or duty charges, will be the responsibility of the buyer, and calculated and applied locally.

Customer Product Reviews

The reviews posted represent the opinions and beliefs of the individuals that have supplied them and are not opinions and beliefs of Ozone Coffee Roasters. Ozone Coffee Roasters reserves the right not to post certain content, including defamatory or offensive content, health claims, cross product comparisons, or any other content that would be prohibited under UK law.

Ozone Coffee Pod Free Samples

From time to time, we will provide the opportunity for our website customers to try 1 x Ozone Coffee pod from the range. This will appear as 1 free pod in the Basket before checkout. Should you wish not to try the pod, simply remove from the basket. This is a complimentary item and should not be re-sold. Ozone Coffee reserves the right to remove free pod samples from the checkout at any time and this is subject to availability.

Handling complaints

For any concerns please contact support@ozonecoffee.co.uk

We will attempt to acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days.

In handling the complaint, we will try to advise you how long it will take to resolve and we will try to keep you informed.


We are confident that our website will provide a high quality of service. However, we can not and do not guarantee the availability of the facilities at any given time or for any given duration. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. All copyright and intellectual property rights of any description arising in the development and creation of Ozone Coffee Roasters website, its facilities, its brands, text, software and in any other sense whatsoever will remain owned by Ozone Coffee Roasters. You may not without our prior express written agreement do anything to infringe upon those rights. You must not use any part of the materials on our site for commercial purposes without first obtaining a licence with written permission to do so from us or our licensors.

If you print off, copy or download any part of our site in breach of these terms of use, your right to use our site will cease and you must immediately, at our request, return or destroy copies of any materials you have made. Ozone Coffee Roasters is a UK registered trade mark of Ozone Coffee Holdings Limited and licensed to Ozone Coffee Roasters UK.

Gift Cards

We offer two types of gift cards, both available for purchase online. One gift card is valid for instore purchases at our two London Eateries; the other is valid for online purchases only. We don’t currently offer gift cards available for spending both instore and online. 

The following terms and conditions apply when using our Gift Cards as a payment method:

Gift cards may only be redeemed toward the purchase of eligible products on https://ozonecoffee.co.uk or at our two London Eateries. If using an online gift voucher, purchases will be deducted from the redeemer's gift card balance, and the remainder shall be available for future spending against eligible products, if using an eatery gift voucher, the gift card balance must be used in one purchase. If a purchase exceeds the redeemer's gift card balance, the remaining amount must be paid with another payment method. Gift cards are not valid against the purchase of more gift cards and gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash. Please also note that gift cards are non-refundable. The gift card is not a cheque guarantee, credit, debit or charge card. Ozone Coffee Roasters cannot be held liable for lost or stolen cards – please protect them as you would cash.
Your gift card will either expire 12 months after the date of issue or 12 months from the last transaction (whichever comes later). A transaction is a sale or a top up.  Any remaining balance is cancelled on expiry. We reserve the right to amend the gift card terms and conditions from time to time, where we consider it reasonable and necessary to do so and with or without notice to you. Finally, nothing in these terms is intended to affect your statutory rights as applicable (for instance, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015).

Use of discount or promotional codes

Discount or promotional codes must be used at checkout to be redeemed. We do not enable you to apply such codes retrospectively nor do we issue a refund for codes that were not used at the relevant time. Ozone Coffee Roasters reserves the right to decline to accept orders where, in its opinion, a discount or promotional code is invalid for the order being placed. 

Discount or promotional codes are only valid on specific products while stocks last and may be withdrawn at any time. Only one discount or promotional code can be used per order. Discount or promotional codes are not valid in conjunction with any other promotion. The discount or promotional code will expire on the date specified in the specific terms relating to the discount or promotional code, as notified to you, and you cannot use the discount or promotional code after this date.

Ozone Rewards & Referral Scheme

Please read these terms carefully before using this Scheme. These terms apply exclusively to your use of the Scheme and by opting in, you are deemed to have read, understood, and accepted these terms. If you have any questions in relation to the Scheme or these terms, please contact us at support@ozonecoffee.co.uk

How does it work?

This is a points accrual scheme. It is available to individual account holders only, not businesses. You can therefore only be eligible for the Scheme if you are eligible for, and hold, a valid individual online account with us on our website.

Your Loyalty Points operate, effectively, as accumulation vouchers that are exchangeable only for the items listed in section 4 – they cannot be exchanged for cash, or “cashed out” at any time.

How much is the scheme worth?

On the Classic Tier, each £1 you spend with us is worth 1 Loyalty Point, on the Subscriber Tier, each £1 is worth 3 Loyalty Points. However, there are other limited circumstances where you can accrue additional, or “bonus” Loyalty Points – these are listed in section 3.

Where you spend less than a £1 (or relevant £), the balance (in pennies) is not rounded up or stored to accrue on your next Qualifying Purchase.

How can I get Loyalty Points?

You can gain Loyalty Points through the following Qualifying Purchases:

Purchase any item through your account on our website (see section 2);

Follow us (at @ozonecoffeeuk) on Instagram (200 Loyalty Points);

Sign up to our newsletter (300 Loyalty Points) and

Your birthday bonus (200 Loyalty Points applied to your account on your birthday for Classic Tier, and 400 points for Subscriber Tier).

Accruing Loyalty Points does not grant you any vested rights or guarantee the continued availability of further Loyalty Points to you.

What can I use the Loyalty Points for?

You can use your Loyalty Points for the following only:

Discount vouchers (£5 = 500 Loyalty Points; £10 = 1000 Loyalty Points; £15 = 1500 Loyalty Points; £20 = 2000 Loyalty Points).

As stated, you cannot use your Loyalty Points for cash or gift cards. Redeemed Loyalty Points cannot be used again. If a transaction in which Loyalty Points are used is cancelled or reversed, we will re-credit your Loyalty Points used.

How can I use my Loyalty Points?

Where you acquire enough Loyalty Points, a “REDEEM” button will appear on your account. Clicking this will generate a unique discount code for you to apply at checkout against your next order.

What restrictions apply to me?

Loyalty Points are personal to you and your account: you cannot transfer them to someone else at any time.

Do my points expire?

Points are valid from 12 months from the relevant Purchase Date (or date on which you acquired the Loyalty Points). After this period has expired, the accrued but unused point(s) you have accumulated will expire.

We will endeavour to notify you on or around the date on which your Loyalty Points are due to expire.

Do I have to opt in?

No, you will be automatically enrolled into the Scheme when you register for your account with us. You can opt out of the Scheme at any time, if you wish – just let us know through the contact details provided. When you leave the Scheme, you will forfeit all accrued Loyalty Points.

Can I get my points back?

Once the points expire they cannot be returned to you, unless we otherwise agree at our absolute discretion. If you make a Qualifying Purchase whilst you have joined the Scheme, but don’t use your account, you will not automatically accrue your Loyalty Points.

Qualifying Purchases made by you before you opt into the Scheme cannot be subsequently credited with Loyalty Points.

What does ‘approved’, ‘pending’ and ‘cancelled’ mean?

Approved: these points can be redeemed immediately 

Pending: These points need to be approved before you can use them. This process is typical for purchase and referral points 

Cancelled: These points have not been added to your account. For example, if you cancel an order, the points will also be cancelled. 


We would like you to refer us and our products to others. If you would like to do this, you may do so at any time by sending the referral URL located within your account to your friend, by email or social media. When your friend then clicks the relevant URL and registers their email address with us, they will receive 15% off their first purchase with us. Once that purchase is made, you (as the referrer) will receive 1000 points credited to your account. This is the equivalent of a £10 voucher and can be redeemed any time by you. This will be available to you for your next purchase.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use this referral scheme, or the number of friends or family members that you can refer. However, it is only available for use once by each referred friend, who must be a new customer to receive their voucher.

If we detect that you are using the referral programme fraudulently, your rewards account will be suspended. Please contact us if you believe your account has been suspended in error.

Can we change these terms, suspend or withdraw the scheme?

Yes, we can change the terms applicable to this Scheme at any time. Where we do that, we may notify you through your account, or the email address registered with that account, or the relevant change(s) will be updated on this page. You should therefore check this page regularly to ensure you understand the terms that apply to your use of the Scheme.

We can also withdraw or suspend the Scheme at any time, for any reason. This can apply on a general basis, or to your account only, if we reasonably consider that you have, or may, breach the terms applicable to the Scheme. In these circumstances we may also close or suspend your account (on a temporary or permanent basis).

Where the Scheme is withdrawn, or your account is closed at any time, any and all accrued but unused Loyalty Points are forfeited.

How will you use my personal data?

Your personal data used in connection with your enrolment on, and use of, the Scheme will be used only by us for the purposes of administering the Scheme. Please refer to our privacy policy, available at https://ozonecoffee.co.uk/pages/privacy for more information on how we collect and use personal data.

You must keep your details associated with your account up to date; we cannot be liable for any loss of Loyalty Points incurred as a result of out-of-date details.

What do the terms mean?

In these terms:

“Loyalty Point” refers to a point accrued in connection with the Scheme;

“Qualifying Purchase” refers to a fully paid purchase through your account on our website; and

“Purchase Date” is the date on which your purchase is confirmed by us.

More information about Ozone Coffee Roasters 
ozonecoffee.co.uk is a site operated by OCR (London) Limited Partnership trading as Ozone Coffee Roasters. We are a Limited Partnership registered in England and Wales with registration number LP014629. VAT #129-0971-04

Our trading address is 11 Leonard Street EC2A 4AQ, London (wholesale visitors and café customers welcome). Ph: 0207 490 1039.

Our registered address is C/- 8 Pritchard's Road, London E2 9AP

If you have any concerns about material that appears on our site, please contact us at support@ozonecoffee.co.uk

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