Chemex Replacement Collar


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  • A replacement wooden collar + leather tie & bead for your Chemex.

    The small replacement collar will fit the following Chemex brewers...

    • CM-1C
    • CM-1GH

    The large replacement collar will fit the following Chemex brewers...

    • CM-6A
    • CM-6GH
    • CM-8A
    • CM-8GH
    • CM-10A
    • CM-10GH

Chemex Brew Guide

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How to brew a Chemex

Coffee: 30g - Medium grind
Water: 500g, 95ºC

- Add 60g water to coffee and leave to bloom
- Wait 30-45 seconds, then add 200g water, add the remaining 240g in stages
- Stir, then remove filter when water has passed through (this should take 3.5-4.5 mins)

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