Organic Single Origin

Independent Producers of San Antonio de Chingama

  • Flavour profile Milk chocolate, wafer biscuit, caramel
  • Process Washed
  • Varietal Mixed
  • Roast Medium Dark

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  • We're very excited to offer a new always-on Organic single-origin coffee - throughout the year we're going to always be offering at least one Organic certified coffee that you can also subscribe to! The coffee we offer in this space will change across the course of the year as different lots come and go, but they'll always be certified as Organic and thoroughly delicious.

    This lot comes from 18 individual producers in the area around San Antonio de Chingama. The population of San Antonio de Chingama is around 200 people, most of whom rely on coffee production for their income. These 18 work with our exporter, Origin Coffee Lab, in the nearby city of Jaén in Cajamarca. The 18 people form a community of producers who support each other - this group is called Agua Azul after the clear blue waters that run down from the steep mountains on which the coffee grows.

    Most of the producers have less than 3 hectares of coffee, with the largest having 7.5 hectares. Although there are some older producers, many members of the community are under 30. They also have a wide variety of varietals planted - although Caturra, Catuai and Catimors are the most common, there are some examples of Marsellesa and Typica and some are looking at planting Geisha in the future too. This forward-looking, cautiously experimental approach and drive to improve their results is a definite factor in keeping the quality of this community lot consistently good from year to year.

    If you'd like to see the names of all 18 producers along with the size of their land and the coffee varieties they grow, please click on the Contributing Producers section below. Our exporting partners Origin Coffee Lab made sure to collect this information so we could share it with you as this lot wouldn't be what it is without the hard work and dedication of each and every one of those 18 producers.

    The mix of wafer biscuit, caramel and milk chocolate in this cup just shouts Tunnock's Caramel Wafer. That sweet and comforting cup brings you back for sip after sip of this biscuity treat.

    • Country: Peru
    • Region: Cajamarca
    • Nearest Village San Antonio de Chingama
    • Average farm size: 2 hectares
    • Producers: 18 independent producers
    • Altitude: 1,890 m.a.s.l.
    • Varieties: Caturra, Catuai, Catimor, Marsellesa, Typica, Pache, Costa Rica 95, Bourbon, Gran Colombia
    • Processing method: Washed
    • Certifications: Organic
  • Name Age Size of farm (Hectares) Varieties
    1 CORRALES LIZANA, ELI 1.5 Caturra, Catimor, Marshell, Catuai & Typica
    2 CORRALES MONSALVE, JANINA DORELI 27 2.5 Catimor, Pache, Catuai & Costa rica 95
    3 CORRALES ORDOÑEZ, DORA LUZ 2 Typica, Catimor, Pache & Catuai
    4 FLORES JULCA, DERMALI 30 1.75 Caturra, Catimor & Catuai
    5 GUEVARA ALEJANDRIA, MARINO 45 5.5 Típica, Catimor, Caturra, Pache, Bourbon & Catuai
    6 GUEVARA TORREZ, LALI JOSELY 24 3.5 Catimor, Caturra, Pache, Bourbon & Catuai
    7 GUEVARA TORREZ, PERCY 1 Caturra & Catuai
    8 HERRERA TORRES, PRESBÍTERO 7.25 Bourbon, Catuai, Marsellesa, Gran Colombia, Catimor & Typica
    9 MENDOZA CORRALES, DERCY ARASELY 2.5 Typica, Caturra, Catimor & Bourbon 
    10 MONSALVE PEDRAZA, ORIEL 1.5 Catimor, Costa Rica
    11 RAMIREZ VASQUEZ, OSCAR 44 2.75 Catimor, Catuaí, Caturra
    12 RAMIREZ VASQUEZ, URBANO 3 Caturra, Pache, Costa Rica
    13 TORRES SANCHEZ, EDUIN OSBALDO 1.5 Caturra, Catuaí
    14 TORRES SANCHEZ, MAXIMANDRO 2 Typica, Catimor, Catuaí
    15 TORRES SANCHEZ, SANTOS LISET 26 1 Catimor, Catuaí
    16 TORRES SANCHEZ, WILDER JAVIER 25 2 Catimor, Caturra, Catuaí
    17 TORREZ SANCHEZ, CONSUELO 1.5 Caturra, Catimor
    18 YDROGO GALLARDO, JOSE JOSVER 2.75 Catimor, Bourbon, Catuaí
  • Tasting notes: Milk chocolate, wafer biscuit, caramel.

    Cup of Excellence Cupping Scores

    • Clean cup: (1-8): 6
    • Sweetness: (1-8): 6.5
    • Acidity: (1-8): 6
    • Mouthfeel: (1-8): 6
    • Flavour: (1-8): 6.5
    • Aftertaste: (1-8): 6
    • Balance: (1-8): 6.5
    • Overall: (1-8): 6
    • Correction: (+36): +36
    • Total: (max. 100): 85.5

    Roast Information
    Medium-dark - through first and take this just up to the edge of second crack to develop those sweet chocolate and biscuit flavours.

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