Meet the Kiwi Christmas Blend Illustrator

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Kiwi Christmas Blend

From Tauranga, New Zealand, Cam knows all about a Kiwi Christmas and what makes them so special. His artwork showcases the fun and warmth of a Summer Christmas in Aotearoa, so we thought we'd ask for a few of his favourite things about Christmas.

Do you have any traditions around Christmas?

Cards! A classic game of Chicago Rummy, to be precise. I let my competitive nature out here a little more than needed.

What's your favourite Christmas memory?

I remember a great Christmas when I was a lot younger, and we had quite a few cousins come to town from all over. The sun was out, and the water guns were firing. We're talking super soakers and your classic water balloons. I think the water fight lasted a good few hours with capture the flag and just all-out free for alls.

What is one thing you must have on Christmas Day?

We always have a large amount of food floating around along with coffee (Ozone, of course) in the morning and then a few beers and wines in the afternoon. It's really about being together and enjoy the company around you.

How would you describe a Kiwi Christmas?

A relaxing sunny day is how I picture every Christmas being. The pre-Christmas days are also what I wrap up into the feeling. The enjoyment of the road trip home, the days you spend with your family & the warmer nights

Would you please consider donating to The Felix Project?

The Felix Project delivers surplus food to charities and schools so they can provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society.

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