Montenegro Sour

A cocktail recipe made from rejects (1 minute read).

Bonus Material - recipes from rejects

The Montenegro sour uses one of my favorite spirits – Amaro, in my favorite cocktail style – The Sour. I’ve chosen to use aquafaba in lieu of egg white for this recipe and used a reverse dry shake technique. Aquafaba is the protein and carbohydrate rich water that is found in tins of legumes and most often poured down the drain. Our aquafaba is the remaining liquid soaked from our chickpeas used in the hummus we serve at our eateries.


Amaro Montenegro - 45ml

Pedro Ximénez - 25ml

Lemon Juice - 30ml

1:1 Simple Syrup - 10ml

Aquafaba (ice cold) - 20ml

Black Walnut Bitters - 3 dashes


Add all ingredients, except for the aquafaba and bitters, to a shaker glass. Add ice and shake. Strain out the ice, add the ice cold aquafaba then ‘dry’ shake a second time to develop the texture of the cocktail. Pour into a pre-chilled coupe glass and garnish with 3 dashes of Black Walnut Bitters.